Have my benefits been reinstated you ask?

I dare say many are wondering what has happened since I wrote my first blog post.  Well I’m still none the wiser with the DWP.

I contacted the DWP on Monday 30 July they told me they would reach a decision by Friday 3 August.  I contacted them on Friday, they couldn’t tell me if a decision had been reached, but someone would ring me back.

They rang on Monday 6 August – so they are obviously not rushed or concerned that my children have no income.  They asked was my lodger intending to leave my property.  I advised them the lodger would be leaving on the 10 August and gave them the lodgers new address.  They told me they would make a decision on Friday – co-incidence?  I think not.

The lodger will sign a lease to a new property on Friday and move in, no doubt once I advise the DWP that the lodger has left they will adjudicate my lodger is in fact a lodger not a partner – solicitor’s view.  The result, my carer support will have been unnecessarily removed by the ‘fishing’ DWP.  But thanks to my first blog post I have a wonderful legal team waiting in the wings in readiness to run a Judicial Review challenge.

The Local Authority looked in to the matter as the DWP told them I no longer qualified for Housing and Council Tax benefit due to my Income Support being withdrawn as ‘I had a partner’.  The Local Authority considered the evidence and re-instated my suspended benefit payments so at least I don’t have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads.

The funny thing is I’ve got my fight back, perhaps the DWP have dragged the muted activist out of me.  As soon as this is over I will do my very best to reveal Lord Freud’s off the hoof porkies told in the Welfare Reform Bill Debates.

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