It seems to me that it is Chris Grayling who is the feckless scrounger. I understand its been reported that he files an expenses claim for the sandwich he eats every lunch time. Well Mr. Grayling isn’t it nice that the public pay for your lunch while your earning an large wage for telling ongoing porkies. My children are starving thanks to your departments deceptions.

the void

There appears to be little agreement amongst psychiatrists as to whether compulsive or pathological lying is a genuine personality disorder, whether it is a symptom of another condition, or whether in fact, some people are just lying bastards.

One thing seems clear which is if it is left untreated it can develop into a delusional state in which the individual barely knows whether they are telling the truth themselves.  For some people lying becomes the default position, and this is compounded by the need to keep lying to maintain past deceptions.

This of course can be devastating for both the individual and the people around them.  Compulsive liars may often be little more than harmless eccentrics or pub bores, but many of them manage to lie themselves into  positions of responsibility.  This is the case with Employment Minister Chris Grayling who has resorted to ever more outrageous falsehoods, even risking…

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